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A good dental plan can be very difficult to find. We have designed this website to help you find the plan that suits you best. We have sought out the best dental plans available and you may click any link for more information. We have plans available in all 50 states.

Medicare Dental:
Medicare will only cover medically necessary services and does not cover any preventative dental (or fillings,crowns etc...) although you may find a Medicare Advantage Plan that wil cover a very small portion of a few preventative services.

Most people will seek out a separate Dental plan with more comprehensive coverage.
The purpose of this website is to provide you with the best options to consider.

Please keep in mind that the purpose of Dental Insurance is to defray the costs of Dental bills and affordable individual Dental plans can be difficult to find.

Our goal is to search out a variety of different types of plans and you should be able to find a plan that will suit your specific individual needs. If you need assistance or have questions you can call or toll-free number for a personal consultation.

We have attempted to make things simple for those who are looking for affordable quality 
dental coverage. You will find simple explanations of how each type of plan works and information is added regularly.
Simply click on a link below to obtain more information and rates for each type of plan.

Dental Indemnity Plans

Dental PPO Plans

Dental HMO Plans

Dental Discount Plans

Keep in mind that usually the mothly premium will affect the amount of benefits you receive in most cases. Most "insurance plans" such as indemnity, HMO or PPO plans will require a waiting period of 6 months to 1 year for Major services.

Discount plans are NOT Insurance but usually offer full benefits under the plan from day 1.

We have researched most of the companies and plans. And have included our top choices on this website for your convenience.

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My plan has paid for itself many times over in just ten months. I saved over $1,000 on cleanings, fillings and wisdom tooth extraction.